Gaming, a legitimate sport?

2013 has come to an end, just like every other year…the number of competitive (lan/online) gamers kept on increasing. The question is whether gaming can be categorized into the “SPORTS” category or not? HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel debated on the topic. Bernard Goldberg, who is a Fox News correspondent joked on how millions are linked to Star Trek and watch such events. The professional tennis player, Mary Carillo stated “It’s still not a sport. It’s a game.” However, the co-host Soledad O’Brien spoke for eSports; “Anything that has a high level dedicated structure, business model, prize money, and an elite competitive level is a sport.” He also explained that almost all games require different strategies, mental and physical attendance to compete. It is up to your own personal grading! Some might call it a sport or others just label it as a “game” What do you think?

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