Insync Review

I’ve been using Insync over the past couple of weeks. I must say the experience blew my mind. In case you’re wondering what Insync is, it provides additional functionality of Google Drive. Some of the cool features which weren’t built in earlier releases include desktop notifications, selective sync, in-built sharing and most importantly Insync’s support for multiple Google accounts. Together these features make Insync a power tool which is best for Google Apps fans.

Insync features an icon in the task bar similar to that of Google Drive. Once you click on it, a menu pops open with the following features:

  • Selective Sync
  • Ignore List
  • Convert
  • Stats
  • Account Settings

The best part of it all is that since Insync integrates seamlessly with the desktop explorer, you can share files just like Dropbox. Just right click on a file and get the share URL. On top of all this, it converts local office files into Google Docs versions and vice versa so you could just comfortably work in your office software knowing that whatever you save into Insync folder will upload and sync with your Google Drive.

The overall power features are highlighted in the table below:

– Multiple accounts
– Convert Google Docs to Office
– Convert to OpenDocument
– Symlink, junction and alias
– External & network drives
– Non-admin Windows install
– Desktop notifications
– On-demand shared files syncing
– Linux Support
– Raspberry Pi Support
– Name your own folder
– Revert read-only files
– Feed of file changes
– MSI install
– Desktop interface
– Nested selective sync
– Command line
– Preserve directory structure
– Ignore List
– Awesome support


The new Insync release is available for download here.

Let us know about your experiences with Insync in the comments below.



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