The Last of Us – Firefly Pendants (Location Guide)

The Last of Us was probably one of the best games in the last year. The following guide will help you to collect all the THIRTY Firefly pendants of the game.

The Quarantine Zone: Outside

Pendant #1 (David Michael Vigil)

Search for a ladder behind a vehicle once you’re outside with Tess. Enter into the building and look for the pendant in the back of the floor.


Pendant #2 (Ben Glueck)

You will follow Tess through an alley after dropping down from a fire escape. Find an obstacle to crouch through and you’ll reach to a small square next to a bench. The pendant is hanging on a tree here, shoot it.


The Quarantine Zone: The Cargo

Pendant #3 (Philip Liu)

Search the firefly bodies on the street after Ellie joins you.


The Outskirts: Downtown

Pendant #4 (Joseph Lenz)

Go to the back of the area before entering into the large Goldstone building. Search the branches of the farthest tree and use a brick to collect the pendant.


The Outskirts: The Museum

Pendant #5: Michael Kiper

The room with the giant bell (collapsed ceiling) go up and move towards the left side. Move to the end of the room and show some skills to find this in the museum.


The Outskirts: The Capitol Building

Pendant # 6(Melinda Davidson)

Wade through the water before you get to the Capitol Building. Left side of the street, jump into the gazebo.

Pendant #7 (Shiyao Jiang)

Search in the flooded tunnel, left side. This is the area where you need to get Elli across with a raft.


Bill’s Town: The Woods

Pendant #8 (Hui Wang)

Climb the large camper located at the town’s main street.


Bill’s Town: Safehouse

Pendant #9 (Alex Raymond Vincent)

You’ll follow Bill to an area with some carwreck. Clear it and move onto the right side of the area. There is a lantern above the green roadhouse sign, shoot at it.


Bill’s Town: Graveyard

Pendant #10 (Peter Mrozik)

You’ll get back to the streets after the graveyard. Go through the first backyard and search the house’s kitchen


Pittsburgh: Alone and Forsaken

Pendant #11 (Mazden Risk)

Quarantine Zone Checkpoint – This is found next to the bookstore, alley…far end


Pittsburgh: Hotel Lobby

Pendant #12 (Colby Reed)

When you meet Ellie again, don’t enter the ball room and search in the women’s restroom.


Pittsburg: Escape The City

Pendant #13: Lucas Rios

When you’ve met Sam and Henry, climb the truck>roof and get into the building. Search the restroom before you enter into the architect’s office


The Suburbs: Sewers

Pendant #14 (Josh Scheffler)

Search inside the hull when you get to the fisherman’s boat at the end of the beach.


Pendant #15 (Robert Righetti)

Search for a small opening on the right after you enter into the sewers. Search inside!


Pendant #16 (Eddie Fuentes)

The place where you have to take Ellie across the water, with a raft. Go into the water and search near the wrecked vehicle.


The Suburbs: Suburbs

Pendant #17

Once you get to a dead end, the last house on the street would have small houses (children play with) Search the tree nearby!


Tommy’s Dam: Hydroelectric Dam

Pendant #18: Ryan Oliverio

Head downstairs after the generator room, don’t talk to him and go to the end of the area. Search the cabinets of the storage room


Tommy’s Dam: Ranch House

Pendant #19 Brent Pino

Search the trophy room


The University: Go Big Horns

Pendant #20: Hope Pino

You will get to an intersection after crossing some barricades and football graffiti.  Search the tree with the yellow leaves on the right side


Pendant #21

After the library place, you’ll have to cross some road blocks to reach a square, with a statue. Instead, look at the right and climb the container and follow the route to the room.


Pendant #22 (Joe Warren)

Loot Bloater in the infected part of dormitory.


Pendant #23 (Erik Griggs)

Corner of the square, find this in the tents before the Science Building.


The University: Science Building

Pendant #24: Sadie Pearle Hickman

Search the cabinets of the room in which you discover where the sound comes from.


Lakeside Resort: The Hunt

Pendant #25: Travis Kristoff

David will boostup David to reach some catwalks. There is a storage room on the corner, inside is a Clicker…defeat/avoid and search the room.


Pendant #26: Paul D. Braun

After you drop down the hill, go through the first house and take a right…search the wooden gazebo.


Bus depot: Highway Exit

Pendant #27 Katerina Perich

After crossing the bus, drop down onto the left railing and search the ground. The pendant is next to the orange stuff


Pendant #28 (Nicole Hoo)

The place which has the large Fedra tent, put this tent onto your left and walk until you see a portable toilet. Look at the lights nearby, shoot the pendant to grab it.


Bus Depot: Underground Tunnel

Pendant #29 (Natalie Hoo)

After going through the bus, streets and then a long bus. Search behind it.


The Fireflies

Pendant #30 (Bryony Steward-Seume)

The last door which requires a Shiv to unlock – this is next to a counter… open it and you’ll find the pendant.



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